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Build your brand with Facebook, Instagram & YouTube Advertising

Are you a musician, band, label, entertainer, author, podcaster,  entertainment manager or agent looking to grow yours or your clients online presence and consumption? 


There are some amazing deals and tools out there to gain followers, likes and views but they are more often than not, built with fake bots and not with real, targeted fans or customers.   


There are so many options to boost your profile, but if you want to get serious, and build a tribe of real, targeted fans that will stay with you through your music career, then you need to seriously consider utilizing Facebook , Instagram  or YouTube ads. 

Whether you're looking to increase your Facebook fan page likes or Instagram followers,  increase views and promote your latest video, teaser, album art or sell tickets to your shows, or support a TV appearance or radio airplay, a cohesive ad campaign or marketing funnel should be part of your plan.


Ask us about our Fan Builder campaign!

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We are a full service Facebook/Instagram Ads marketing agency specializing in helping those in the music, entertainment & lifestyle spaces grow using Facebook/Instagram Ads and marketing funnels.


When it comes to ads,Facebook sits at the top and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  72% of marketers are using Facebook ads (2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report). It's the best marketing platform. 

We are also a YouTube ads certified agency,  and can manage your YouTube presence as well!  We can also run campaigns across the Spotify platform.


Our strategic approach to social media advertising,  when combined with clever copy will help you get more fans & build your audience.

Running advertising campaigns on Instagram is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. It’s also a great way to get people to watch your videos, install your apps, and gain massive exposure for your business. Instagram ads are inexpensive and hyper targeted.


Let our team take care of setting up and optimizing your Instagram campaigns so that you reach your potential customers on this powerful network.

We can build any type of marketing funnel!  We are especially proud of our effective, music based  FAN BUILDER & ALBUM/EP LAUNCH funnels or try a Messenger Bot campaign!


Want To Grow Your Fan Base Effectively? Think about the Moxi Fan Builder Funnel.  It includes engaging creative and copy, strategic audience targeting and planned, strategized content for the win.

We help artists, creatives, business owners and more,  skip the frustrating (and expensive) trial and error of traditional digital marketing funnels.

Creating great messaging is one component, the make or break is getting your ads and content in front of the correct audience. Let us help you to create a brand message that stands out from your competition and then broadcast that message to your audience through the proper marketing channels.



Social Media Advertising is insanely effective for a multitude of reasons. We have the ability to target your ideal fan/customer,  track those who have engaged with your ad and re-target those people. For Hand of the Tribe, (a brand new band with no fan base when we started with them) we were able to lay the groundwork with our Fan Builder campaign by creating this original  music teaser, aimed at generating interest and excitement for their new song "The Last Time". With a couple pieces of code installed on their website, along with a targeted FB & Instagram ad campaign ,we were able to  build custom audiences and re-target them for further growth. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to advertising ability on social media!







link clicks

3.83% CTR


Instagram views and growing


cost per thruplay

20,366 Thruplays



Facebook views and growing


cost per thruplay

36,461 Thruplays so far



Instagram views in 7 days and growing


cost per thruplay

26,472 Thruplays

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