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  • Alyssa Bocuzzi

Facebook Makes 'Follow' the New 'Like'

Facebook is starting off the new year by switching up how you keep track of your favorite creators and public figures (aka bands, artists, radio stations, brands etc.). The tech giant is scrapping the "Like" button and making "Follow" the main metric for Pages. Why is this new format good for you? For one, it will simplify the way people connect with your page. "Unlike Likes, Followers of a Page represent the people who can receive updates from Pages, which helps give public figures a stronger indication of their fan base", according to Asad Awan, head of public connections and monetization at Facebook. (link for source:

Let's not forget that with Followers and fans comes responsibility. People will be following your page for the sole reason of being included in your world. They're keeping tabs on you, their favorite artist, and want to interact with you. It's important to build upon that trust and fan loyalty. Since we're unsure of when concerts and tours will resume, make the most of connecting with your people in the social space you have. Acknowledgement is key; your fans want to feel seen and that they are part of the conversation. By acknowledging your fans, you'll be increasing audience retention and creating memorable experiences. With this new format layout, Pages will have a dedicated News Feed providing more opportunities to connect. It seems Facebook is going back to the basics with these new changes, encouraging conversations in communities and groups. Facebook will be rolling out this update in the coming months. How will you make your followers' interaction more meaningful in 2021?

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