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“DeeDee is an amazing executive with incredible instincts and passion for everything she does. Every artist she touched was better off because she was part of their campaign. “  Greg Thompson - Maverick - President


There is no one like DeeDee, she bring such professionalism, passion and execution to any project that it makes it a joy to partner with her . I have had the pleasure to work with her for more than 20 years and she is both fantastic at execution as well as in relationships. She's warm and caring, really forms bonds with her partners, and is relentless in getting the most out of her skills and the projects she works. She also has an unmatched passion for music and a great ear for talent. Her connections in the industry are top notch, her skillset is wide and diverse, and I can not recommend her highly enough. DeeDee is simply the best.

Mike Mullaney  Music Director.Asst. Program Director at Entercom Radio WWBX


Working with Natalie was dream! We needed a quick and witty campaign that would help our stylists sell our new collection of Pureology styling products. Natalie quickly understood the tone of our brand and the benefits of our products. She wrote 8 different tags (one for each product!) that we were able to use in national promotion. Our stylists and our sales team loved them which helped make the promo a hit.

Katherine Flecker - VP, Marketing  - L'Oreal USA


IIn the subject line of the first paycheck I ever sent to Natalie - it simply said “You are a Genius” That pretty much says it all. When Natalie first came on board creatively with Team Ever Bamboo 4+ years ago, we were lacking a true brand voice and marketing direction. Then, she sprinkled her magic on the brand by way of the company motto, mission, and vision we were sorely missing - Over the next four years Natalie continued to wow with each new product launch and campaign - and has really made an impact on our growth. She continues to bring her creative A game to the table with her unique blend of sophisticated humor and savvy - and writes a whopper of a tag line like nobody’s business ( well ok, mine!) It’s been a joy to work with her. We appreciate her immensely, and are so happy she is part of the Ever Bamboo family ~ K.B.Lee CEO  - Ever Bamboo 

“Dee Dee and The Moxi Group are fantastic! The passion, organization and expertise they bring to projects is unmatched."  Steve Nice - Nice Management & Consulting

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