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About Us

The Moxi Group was born in 2019 from the visionary mind of DeeDee Kearney, who spent over two decades at Capitol Records. The core leadership team includes Natalie Bonelli, long time friend, singer-songwriter and brand strategist who joined the team to help make Moxi what it is today.  Fast forward and the team has grown to include other music industry expats including Dana Fitzpatrick who comes to us from many years at Live Nation, Kayleigh Kay, a badass photographer and long time videographer for bands in the Chicago area and Kate Hutchinson who comes to use from a long time run with Warner Records.


 Our mission is simple but bold - to help musicians, artists, podcasters, entertainers, and businesses make a lasting impact that transcends their brand. We achieve this through our cutting-edge social media marketing and paid advertising strategies, which focus on cultivating an authentic community of passionate and engaged fans and followers.

We specialize in elevating growth and consumption across all your DSPs, driving ticket and merch sales, and building robust mailing lists that will keep your audience hooked. While music is our first love, we also work with a diverse range of clients, including podcasters, comedians, spas, and retail brands. At The Moxi Group, we don't just create marketing campaigns - we create experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your audience and take your brand to the next level.

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Let's talk strategy!  You have nothing to loose. If anything, we will make a connection and with anything in life, connections are  meaningful. We'll  also throw in some valuable marketing  tips because that's how we roll!



Greg Thompson - President

 Big Loud Management


“DeeDee is an amazing executive

with incredible instincts and passion

for everything she does.

Every artist she touched was better off

because  she was part of their campaign."

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